Wimbledon 2017 & Retailing Promotional Merchandise

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Wimbledon 2017 & Retailing Promotional Merchandise

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Picture source: wowcher.co.uk

Today (3rd July 2017) sees the start of arguably the BEST grand slam tournament of the year. The third of four major slams per year, Wimbledon is always a crowd-pleaser for its epic matches, strawberries & cream and pageantry. If anyone has ever been lucky enough to visit the all-England club you would have noticed the many merchandise shops where you can purchases many different items all branded with the Wimbledon Championships. logo.  According to the official championships’ website the amount of merchandise sold is remarkable. In 2016, the top selling items through 158,000 retail transactions in the Wimbledon Shop were:

– 18,070 – Gentlemen’s Championships’ towel
– 15,407 – Championships’ pen
– 10,907 – Ladies’ Championships’ towel
– 7,905 – Racket key ring
– 6,944 – Championships’ magnet
– 6,144 – Yellow autograph ball medium

Wowza! That is a staggering amount of sales!

Taking a piece of a brand home with you has always been the power of branded merchandise. The transformation of appeal a product can have when sporting a logo is something for our clients & readers to think about. A pen can be just a pen. A pen with a brand on it becomes a pen you would prefer to write with especially if that brand means something to you. Or how about a tote bag doning a brand you trust, like or care about most? You’re more likely to take it to the shops and keep it. Most promotional merchandise is used to give away either internally or externally for marketing purposes, however more and more requests are flooding in to us for promotional products to be used to sell in order to turn more profit for their businesses.

How can we help you?

Glad you asked! 
Products with a higher perceived value is always a good start. What products do you want to sell? What products will speak to your clients? Questions we can happily discuss with you to come up with the best routes to market for you. Think of the last time you went to a museum shop. This is a perfect example of how promotional products are retailed successfully. Many museums really capitalise on current exhibition with accompanying merchandise as well as the bread and butter products that are always for sale. But what if i don’t have a retail space? No problem! We have the capacity to build you an online shop where we can manage and ship your stock. Please contact us on and we can have a natter over a cup of coffee on this. We have recently supplied merchandise to sell for a bakery, outdoor festivals, street markets, charities and a performance art school.

We would love to discuss your plans for selling your merchandise and how we can help.



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