Making A Difference With Merch.

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Making A Difference With Merch.

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Our post this month is talking about how promotional products make a difference in raising awareness and really help make a difference. Promotional merchandise for charities. 

We proudly work  with LGBT charity Stonewall to help raise awareness of their important equal rights campaigns. Their very famous ‘Some People Are Gay Get Over’ campaign slogan was a huge success and has been running for many years.  We supply Stonewall with promotional mugs which are used to sell on their online store and retail spaces.

Promotional products are a perfect way of really getting those important messages across and engaging people with the brand message. When people really respond to a campaign the likelihood is they will want a piece of it – a reflection of themselves. Another good example of this is Amnesty International promotional t-shirts that read ‘Team Amnesty’ showing supporters’ solidarity to the organisation and to human rights itself. 

Promotional Mugs for Stonewall. Credit: Plug. Promotional Branding


Selling merchandise for your charity really an additional way to boost revenue and engage with your audience. We can source & supply any type of promotional product from soft toys to t-shirts. We also can hold your stock and even help with building an online store. Please contact us for further information.

Promotional t-shirts. Credit:



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